GRBs observed by SWIFT or/and other satellites in 2013

The “Pi of the Sky” apparatuses continuously monitor the SWIFT satellite Field of View.

In INTA 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field are taken by 16 cameras. In SPdA 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field are taken by two cameras.

Twice a night the whole sky is scanned.

Targets of GCN alerts are also followed automatically.

In a table below there are alerts, which were caused by GRB with probability greater than 50%.


748 (296 from INTA, 266 from SPdA therein + 452 from LCO) GRBs observed by satellites since June 1st 2006, 103 in 2013
sitetime perioddaytimeapparatus offSouth (INTA)
North (SPdA
and LCO)
below horizoncloudsoutside FOVinside FOV
INTAin 201360116122120
since Nov 1st 20101604212424351
SPdAin 2013584300020
since Mar 25th 2011151622181320
LCOfrom Jul 1st 2009
to Oct 31th 2010


Gamma / X-ray satellite observationsOptical "Pi of the Sky" observations
GRBUTRA   DecErrorAlertBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRBBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRB 
 131229A  6:39:2405h40m57s  -04°26′3′Swift/FERMI below horizon  apparatus off  
 131227A  4:45:48  4h29m31s  +28°53′3′Swift outside FOV  apparatus off  
 131226A  5:47:3920h05m14s  -64°58′3′Swift South hemisphere  apparatus off  
 131225A  9:55:00  6h20m09s  +5°19′1°.0MAXI daytime  daytime  
 131224A  6:54:4519h47m16s  +31°40′3′INTEGRAL below horizon  apparatus off  
 131218A  1:05:36  7h35m18s  -64°43′3′INTEGRAL South hemisphere  apparatus off  
 131215A  9:08:3217h16m07s  +7°35′1°.0MAXI daytime  apparatus off  
 131205A  9:18:38  8h46m26s  -60°10′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 131202A15:12:0922h56m13s  -21°39′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 131128A15:06:2423h41m18s  +31°17′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 131127A10:11:3522h11m00s  +36°35′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 131122A21:25:1710h10m07s  +57°43′3′INTEGRAL outside FOV  daytime  
 131120A14:37:5618h35m41s  -11°60′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 131117A  0:34:0422h09m21s  -31°43′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 131105A  2:04:45  4h44m03s  -62°59′3.′00Swift/FERMI South hemisphere  apparatus off  
 131103A22:07:2523h15m49s  -44°40′3.′00Swift outside FOV  daytime  
 131030B20:56:1823h00m19s  -05°23′3.′00Swift19:38, 20:18
no detection
outside FOV  daytime  
 131024B21:35:31  9h37m37s  +44°14′3.′00Swift/FERMI apparatus off  daytime  
 131024A12:26:2019h21m51s  -64°36′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 131018A12:47:48  6h33m51s  -19°53′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 131004A21:41:0319h44m36s  -02°58′3′Swift/FERMI outside FOV  daytime  
 131002B10:54:28  5h00m29s  -75°42′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 131002A  6:54:2116h53m06s  +82°03′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 130930A19:09:3212h42m39s  -35°30′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 130929A  9:36:33  9h00m17s  -47°34′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130925B  4:11:24  2h44m44s  -26°08′3.′00Swift/FERMI apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130919A11:07:2413h49m09s  -10°21′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 13 0913A  0:28:2122h47m50s  +1°18′3.′3Swift apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130912A  8:34:57  3h10m28s  +13°58′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 130903A  0:47:32  5h28m35s  -00°7′3′INTEGRAL/FERMI apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130901A  9:13:1717h34m24s  -30°24′5.′3 Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130831B13:48:1912h49m47s  -29°11′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130831A13:04:1623h54m36s  +29°27′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130829A  5:43:33  12h9m42s  +46°31′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130822A15:54:17  1h51m46s  -03°13′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130816B  4:53:3811h20m22s  -57°33′3′Swift apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130816A  1:46:3713h08m40s  -58°57′3′Swift/FERMI apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130812B10:55:16  0h30m41s  -79°5′3.°8IPN daytime  daytime  
 130812A22:22:52  6h09m37s  -13°18′3′Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 130807A10:25:4317h59m12s  -27°37′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 130806A  2:51:33  2h23m29s  +67°32′3.′00Swift apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130803A10:02:5214h40m58s  -02°28′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130727A16:45:1922h03m12s  -65°34′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130725B17:39:3814h16m57s  -11°8′4.″5Swift daytime  daytime  
 130725A12:48:1415h20m07s  +00°38′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130722A  8:19:1917h22m41s  -02°59′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130719A  5:47:49  5h56m09s  -11°35′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130716A10:36:5411h58m19s  +63°03′2.′5FERMI/Swift daytime  daytime  
 130708A11:43:04  1h21m12s  +04°12.°222.′4Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130701A  4:17:4323h48m52s  +36°6′3.′00Swift outside FOV> 45 s,
no detection
 apparatus off  
 130627B12:00:5012h07m44s  -55°44′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 130627A  8:55:0312h17m47s  -37°05′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 130626A10:51:0318h12m31s  -09°32′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130625A  7:00:3922h53m04s  +82°11′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130623A11:42:47  3h40m05s  -79°31′4′FERMI/Swift daytime  daytime  
 130617A  9:52:2915h50m51s  -54°17′3.′00Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130615A  9:44:4518h19m23s  -68°10′3.′00Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130612A  3:22:2217h19m13s  +16°42′3.′00Swift/FERMI outside FOV> 24 s,
no detection
 apparatus off  
 130610A  3:12:1314h57m40s  +28°11′3′Swift/FERMI clouds  apparatus off  
 130609B21:38:40  3h35m01s  -40°09′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 130609A  3:05:0810h10m42s  +24°06′3′Swift/FERMI below horizon  apparatus off  
 130608A23:14:21  1h38m19s  +41°30′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 130606A21:04:3916h37m37s  +29°47′3′Swift outside FOV> 83 s,
no detection
 130605A23:41:42  8h58m06s  -33°29′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 130604A  6:54:2616h40m19s  +68°13′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130603B15:49:1311h28m50s  +17°3′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130603A  5:59:33  5h47m49s  +82°56′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130529A11:15:25  1h37m02s  -64°08′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130528A16:41:23  9h15m39s  +87°17′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130527A14:21:3020h37m07s  -24°44′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130521B21:24:3318h46m34s  +22°43′55′Konus-Wind/Suzaku/
 outside FOV  daytime  
 130521A22:49:16  5h50m14s  +14°27′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 130518A13:54:3723h43m31s  +46°3′1°.0FERMI/KONUS daytime  daytime  
 130515A  1:21:1818h53m41s  -54°17′3′Swift/FERMI South hemisphere  apparatus off  
 130514B13:26:35  9h50m26s  -18°58′3′INTEGRAL/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130514A  7:13:4119h45m06s  -07°57′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130513A  7:38:57  9h38m59s  -05°14′3′INTEGRAL daytime  apparatus off  
 130511A11:30:4713h06m33s  +18°42′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130508A17:08:5320h21m15s  +34°57′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130505A  8:22:28  9h08m14s  +17°29′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 130504A  2:05:3518h09m27s  -16°21′3′Swift outside FOV> 1417 s,
no detection
 apparatus off  
 130502A17:50:30  9h14m19s  -00°9′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130427B13:20:4120h59m34s  -22°32′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130427A  7:47:5711h32m33s  +27°41′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 130420B12:56:3112h12m29s  +54°23′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 130420A  7:28:2913h04m24s  +59°25′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 130419A13:30:2923h41m05s  +09°59′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130418A19:00:53  9h56m10s  +13°39′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130408A21:51:38  8h57m36s  -32°22′3.′00Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 130327A  1:47:34  6h07m58s  +55°44′3′Swift apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130315A12:45:3210h30m10s  -51°49′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130313A16:08:1115h45m42s  -00°22′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 130306A23:51:0118h37m55s  -11°41′3′Swift/FERMI apparatus off  apparatus off  
 130305A11:39:11  7h47m4s  +52°1′3.′5Swift/FERMI/INTEGRAL daytime  daytime  
 130216A22:15:24  4h31m36s  +14°40′3.′00Swift/FERMI clouds  daytime  
 130215A  1:31:30  2h53m55s  +13°22′3.′00Swift/FERMI below horizon  outside FOV> 151 s,
no detection
 130211A  3:36:32  9h50m05s  -42°20′3.′00Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 130206B19:36:28  9h21m30s  -58°10′3.′00Swift/FERMI South hemisphere  daytime  
 130131B19:10:0811h35m48s  +15°02′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 130131A13:56:2211h24m26s  +48°04′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 130122A23:44:0912h57m08s  +59°1′2.′2 Swift outside FOV> 71 s,
no detection
 130102B4:41:5620h43m37s  -72°05′60′MAXI South hemisphere  outside FOV  
 130102A18:10:5320h45m51s  +49°50′3′Swift outside FOV  daytime