GRBs observed by SWIFT or/and other satellites in 2012

The “Pi of the Sky” apparatuses continuously monitor the SWIFT satellite Field of View.

In INTA 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field are taken by 16 cameras. In SPdA 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field are taken by two cameras.

Twice a night the whole sky is scanned.

Targets of GCN alerts are also followed automatically.

In a table below there are alerts, which were caused by GRB with probability greater than 50%.


645 (193 from INTA, 163 from SPdA therein + 452 from LCO) GRBs observed by satellites since June 1st 2006, 100 in 2012
sitetime perioddaytimeapparatus offSouth (INTA)
North (SPdA
and LCO)
below horizoncloudsoutside FOVinside FOV
INTAin 201249173182110
since Nov 1st 2010100316302231
SPdAin 201250141131210
since Mar 25th 201193192181300
LCOfrom Jul 1st 2009
to Oct 31th 2010


Gamma / X-ray satellite observationsOptical "Pi of the Sky" observations
GRBUTRA   DecErrorAlertBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRBBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRB 
 121229A  5:00:2112h40m24s  -50°36′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 121226A19:09:4311h14m38s  -30°25′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 121225A9:50:2417h39m27s  -66°04′12.′00MAXI daytime  daytime  
 121217A  7:17:4710h14m54s  -62°18′3.′00Swift daytime  outside FOV> 154 s,
no detection
 121212A  6:56:1311h51m22s  +78°02′3′Swift/INTEGRAL outside FOV  North hemisphere  
 121211A13:47:0213h02m11s  +30°10′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 121209A21:59:1121h47m12s  -08°15′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 121202A  4:20:0517h07m16s  +23°57′3′Swift/FERMI apparatus off  below horizon  
 121201A12:25:4200h53m57s  -42°57′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 121128A  5:05:3720h02m20s  +54°19′3′Swift apparatus off  below horizon  
 121125A  8:32:2715h14m05s  +55°19′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 121123A10:02:4120h29m27s  -11°52′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 121118B22:27:0611h26m49s  -3°04′ ;Swift/IPN apparatus off  daytime  
 121118A13:48:5419h57m31s  +65°39′ FERMI/INTEGRAL/IPN daytime  daytime  
 121117A  8:50:56  2h06m32s  +07°23′3′Swift daytime  below horizon  
 121108A17:47:39  5h32m45s  +54°29′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 121102A  2:27:0318h03m37s  -16°58′3′Swift/INTEGRAL apparatus off  below horizon  
 121031A22:50:3011h23m05s  -03°31′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 121028A  5:04:3118h07m42s  -02°17′3′Swift apparatus off  clouds  
 121027A  7:32:29  4h14m26s  -58°48′3′Swift daytime  outside FOV> 119 s,
 121024A  2:56:12  4h41m52s  -12°16′3′Swift clouds  outside FOV> 110 s,
1 frame: < 11.5 mag
20 frames: < 12.0 mag
 121017A19:23:2819h15m16s  -01°36′3′Swift outside FOV> 60 s,
 121014A20:11:5611h06m31s  -29°7′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 121011A11:15:3017h20m48s  +41°08′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 121001A18:23:0218h24m08s  -05°40′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 120927A22:40:46  9h06m24s  +00°25′3.′00Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 120923A  5:16:0620h15m11s  +06°14′3.′00Swift below horizon  outside FOV> 161 s,
no detection
 120922A22:30:2815h39m01s  -20°11′3.′00Swift/FERMI below horizon  daytime  
 120918A11:16:1012h04m13s  -32°45′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 120913B23:55:5814h14m35s  -14°32′3.′00Swift/FERMI below horizon  outside FOV> 150 s,
no detection
 120913A20:18:21  9h45m45s  +26°59′3.′00Swift/FERMI below horizon  daytime  
 120911A07:08:3323h51m51s  +63°6′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  outside FOV> 166 s,
no detection
 120909A1:42:0318h22m44s  -59°26′3.′00Swift/FERMI South hemisphere  outside FOV> 94 s,
1 frame < 11.6 mag
 120907A  0:24:23  4h58m58s  -09°19′3.′00Swift/FERMI below horizon  below horizon  
 120824A14:16:00  4h43m41s  +17°38′3.°00FERMI/INTEGRAL daytime  daytime  
 120821A13:23:4517h01m04s  -40°30′3.′23INTEGRAL daytime  daytime  
 120819A13:10:1415h43m33s  -07°18′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120817BS  4:02:29  0h46m19s  -23°31′3′Swift/FERMI outside FOV  outside FOV  
 120817A  6:49:4216h42m49s  -38°20′3.′00Swift daytime  outside FOV  
 120816A19:18:3418h48m30s  -06°59′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120815A  2:13:5918h15m49s  -52°08′3′Swift apparatus off  outside FOV> 76 s,
no detection
 120811C15:34:5213h18m50s  +62°17′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120811B  0:20:30  3h02m43s  -31°31.°823′Swift/FERMI apparatus off  below horizon  
 120807A  7:09:3716h04m51s  -47°29′3′Swift daytime  outside FOV> 92 s,
 120805A21:28:0914h26m08s  +05°48′3′Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 120804A  0:54:1415h35m43s  -28°46′3′Swift apparatus off  outside FOV> 102 s,
1 frame: < 11.8 mag
20 frames: < 12.4 mag
 120803B11:06:0620h56m54s  +53°17′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120803A  7:22:1617h58m16s  -06°43′3′Swift daytime scan (~4:53):
1 frame: < 11.0 mag
3 frames:
outside FOV> 123 s,
1 frame: 11.1 mag,
20 frames: 11.0 mag
 120802A  8:00:51  2h59m24s  +13°45′3′Swift daytime  outside FOV> 133 s,
no detection
 120729A10:56:14  0h52m17s  +49°56′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120728A22:25:11  9h08m24s  -54°26′3′Swift/FERMI South hemisphere  daytime  
 120724A  6:39:0216h20m46s  +03°31′3′Swift daytime  below horizon  
 120722A12:53:2615h21m58s  +13°15′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120716A17:05:0320h32m55s  +12°19′3′FERMI/INTEGRAL daytime  daytime  
 120714B21:18:4623h41m44s  -46°11′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 120714A 7:46:4611h11m53s  -30°38′3′Swift daytime  below horizon  
 120712A13:42:2511h28m24s  -21°4′2.′82Swift daytime  daytime  
 120711B  3:11:0322h06m45s  +60°01′3.′6 Swift outside FOV> 79 s,
no detection
 apparatus off  
 120711A2:46:31  6h18m45s  -71°00′2.′57INTEGRAL/FERMI South hemisphere  apparatus off  
 120703B17:25:2222h37m26s  -29°44′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 120625A23:22:15  8h35m53s  -43°11′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 120612A  2:05:20  8h26m54s  -17°35′3.′00Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 120521C23:22:0714h17m09s  +42°07′3.′00Swift outside FOV  apparatus off  
 120521B  9:07:4813h08m03s  -52°45′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  outside FOV> 109 s,
1 frame < 11.1 mag,
20 frames < 11.2
 120521A  5:59:42  9h54m46s  -49°25′3.′00Swift daytime  outside FOV> 164 s,
1 frame < 10.8 mag,
20 frames < 11.1 mag
 120514A  1:12:5018h52m00s  -04°16′2.′1 Swift outside FOV> 433 s,
no detection
 outside FOV  
 120422A  7:12:03  9h07m38s  +14°01′3.′00Swift daytime  below horizon  
 120419A12:56:5112h29m45s  -63°1′3.′28INTEGRAL daytime  daytime  
 120404A12:51:0215h40m02s  +12°53′2.′3 Swift daytime  daytime  
 120403B20:33:5603h39m14s  -89°02′3.′00Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 120403A  1:05:23  2h49m50s  +40°28′3.′00Swift apparatus off  below horizon  
 120401A  5:24:15  3h52m16s  -17°40′3.′00Swift daytime  below horizon  
 120328A  3:06:1916h06m12s  -39°20′3.′00Swift outside FOV> 251 s,
no detection
 outside FOV> 309 s,
no detection
 120327A  2:55:1616h27m19s  -29°25′3.′00Swift outside FOV> 670 s,
no detection
 outside FOV> 728 s,
no detection
 120326A  1:20:2918h15m42s  +69°17′3.′00Swift/FERMI outside FOV> 48 s,
no detection
 apparatus off  
 120324A  5:59:1119h24m20s  +24°9′3.′00Swift clouds  below horizon  
 120320A11:56:1614h10m04s  +08°42′2.′8 Swift daytime  daytime  
 120312A16:06:2816h47m03s  +23°51′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 120311B15:08:1017h14m00s  -13°4′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120311A  5:33:3818h12m21s  +14°17′3′Swift outside FOV  apparatus off  
 120308A  6:13:3914h36m20s  +79°41′2.′2 Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 120305A19:37:29  3h10m11s  +28°30′3′Swift outside FOV  daytime  
 120229A14:35:11  1h20m08s  -35°48′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120224C19:05:44  2h34m06s  -43°49′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 120224A  4:39:5602h43m54s  -17°48′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 120219A14:30:0808h39m10s  +51°01′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120218A  0:49:2221h19m02s  -25°27′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 120215A  0:41:15  2h00m08s  +8°47′3′Swift below horizon  apparatus off  
 120213A  0:27:1920h04m08s  +65°24′3′Swift apparatus off  apparatus off  
 120212A  9:11:22  2h52m25s  -18°01′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 120211A11:58:28  5h51m00s  -24°46′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120202A21:40:4913h34m02s  +22°46′2.°50INTEGRAL below horizon  daytime  
 120127A  4:21:52  9h16m34s  15°53′52′MAXI apparatus off  apparatus off  
 120121B  9:42:1916h37m21s  -23°57′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 120119A  4:04:30  8h00m07s  -09°04′3.′00Swift/FERMI apparatus off  outside FOV> 80 s,
no detection
 120118B17:00:21  8h19m28s  -07°11′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 120118A  6:05:0413h01m37s  -61°39′2.′70INTEGRAL daytime 6:00:14 - 6:00:24
1 frame < 11.2 mag
outside FOV6:06:43 - 6:06:53
1 frame < 11.3 mag
6:07:13 - 6:12:12
frames > 11.7 mag
 120116A18:06:28  1h05m00s  +33°56′3′Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 120106A14:16:24  4h24m31s  +64°2′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 120102A  2:15:5518h24m54s  +24°43′3′Swift/FERMI apparatus off  below horizon