GRBs observed by SWIFT or/and other satellites in 2011

The “Pi of the Sky” apparatuses continuously monitor the SWIFT satellite Field of View.

In INTA 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field are taken by 16 cameras. In SPdA 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field are taken by two cameras.

Twice a night the whole sky is scanned.

Targets of GCN alerts are also followed automatically.

In a table below there are alerts, which were caused by GRB with probability greater than 50%.


545 (93 from INTA, 63 from SPdA therein + 452 from LCO) GRBs observed by satellites since June 1st 2006, 93 (63 from SPdA among them) in 2011
sitetime perioddaytimeapparatus offSouth (INTA)
North (SPdA
and LCO)
below horizoncloudsoutside FOVinside FOV
INTAin 201149112120111
since Nov 1st 201051143120121
SPdAsince Mar 25th 201143515090
LCOfrom Jul 1st 2009
to Oct 31th 2010


Gamma / X-ray satellite observationsOptical "Pi of the Sky" observations
GRBUTRA   DecErrorAlertBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRBBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRB 
 111229A22:37:52  5h05m08s  -84°43′3′Swift South hemisphere  daytime  
 111228A15:44:4310h00m19s  +18°18′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 111225A  3:50:37  0h52m24s  +51°35′3′Swift outside FOV> 76 s,
no detection
 apparatus off  
 111215A14:04:0823h18m12s  +32°29′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 111212A  9:23:0720h41m37s  -68°37′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111211A22:17:3510h12m22s  +11°11′3′SuperAGILE below horizon  dayime  
 111210A14:38:5612h45m54s  -07°10′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111209A  7:12:08  0h57m26s  -46°47′3.′00Swift daytime 1:59:03 - 1:59:51
3 frames < 12.7 mag
outside FOV> 480 s,
1 frame < 10.2 mag
20 frames < 10.7 mag
 111204A13:37:2822h26m34s  -31°24′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111129A16:19:5620h29m46s  -52°43′.′Swift daytime  daytime  
 111123A18:13:2110h19m24s  -20°38′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 111121A16:26:2410h19m00s  -46°38′.′Swift daytime  daytime  
 111117A12:13:41  0h50m49s  +23°01′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 111109A  2:57:46  7h52m47s  -41°36′3.′00Swift apparatus off  outside FOV> 126 s,
no detection
 111107A  0:50:24  8h37m56s  -66°30′3.′00Swift/FERMI apparatus off  outside FOV> 103 s,
no detection
 111103C14:12:1319h22m40s  -17°17′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111103B10:59:0317h42m49s  +01°35′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111103A10:35:1321h48m29s  -10°33′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 111029A  9:44:40  2h58m46s  +57°05′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111026A  6:47:2916h17m06s  -47°30′3.′00Swift daytime  below horizon  
 111022B17:13:04  7h15m48s  +49°40′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111022A16:07:0418h23m29s  -23°40′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111020A  6:33:4919h08m06s  -37°59′3.′00Swift below horizon  below horizon  
 111018B17:26:2418h06m00s  -03°52′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 111016A18:37:0410h15m13s  +27°29′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 111008A22:12:58  4h01m49s  -32°41′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 111005A  8:05:1414h53m08s  -19°44′3.′00Swift daytime  below horizon  
 110928B19:17:2018h35m48s  -19°20′3.′00Swift outside FOV> 1048 s,
no detection
 110928A  1:51:3117h11m01s  +36°34′3.′00Swift below horizon  outside FOV> 184 s,
no detection
 110919B21:16:1116h47m00s  -45°51′3.′00Swift below horizon  daytime  
 110915A13:20:4420h43m24s  -00°43′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 110905A  5:48:4018h35m49s  -19°19′3.′00Swift daytime  outside FOV> 1910 s,
no detection
 010903A  2:39:5513h08m09s  +58°60′3′INTEGRAL/FERMI outside FOV> 34 s,
no detection
 below horizon  
 110827A  0:01:5310h56m23s  +53°47′3′Swift outside FOVno detection below horizon  
 110820A17:38:2722h53m20s  +70°18′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 110818A20:37:4921h09m32s  -63°58′3′Swift/FERMI apparatus off  daytime  
 110812A  0:20:0923h53m38s  +72°12′3.′00SuperAGILE apparatus off  North hemisphere  
 110808A  6:18:54  3h49m03s  -44°11′3.′00Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 110807A19:57:4618h34m47s  -08°46′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 110801B19:49:42  5h57m08s  +80°59′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 110731A11:09:3018h42m05s  -28°33′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 110726A  1:30:4019h07m00s  +56°03′3′Swift outside FOV> 37 s,
no detection
 outside FOV> 70 s,
no detection
 110719A  6:09:11  1h38m15s  +34°34′3.′00Swift daytime  outside FOV> 105 s,
< 11 mag
 110715A13:13:5015h50m38s  -46°14′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 110709B21:32:3910h58m27s  -23°29′3′Swift below horizon  daytime  
 110709A15:24:2915h55m35s  +40°54′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 010708A  4:43:4322h40m19s  +53°57′3′INTEGRAL daytime  apparatus off  
 110625B21:08:2819h07m00s  +06°45′3.′00Swift apparatus off  daytime  
 110625A  0:06:0818h50m12s  -00°58′3.′00Swift outside FOV> 167 s,
no detection
 outside FOV> 244 s,
no detection
 110610A15:21:3220h55m16s  +76°38′3′Swift/FERMI daytime  daytime  
 110530A15:31:0218h48m11s  +61°56′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 110521A15:51:31  8h00m35s  +45°48′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 110520A20:28:48  8h57m30s  +56°24′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 110519A  2:12:1617h26m31s  -23°24′3.′00Swift apparatus off  outside FOV> 78 s, no detection
1° from the Moon
 110503A17:35:46  8h51m06s  +52°12′0.′7 Swift daytime  daytime  
 110422B15:41:55  7h27m59s  +75°06′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 110420B22:42:1121h20m12s  -41°16′3.′00Swift/FERMI apparatus off  daytime  
 110420A11:02:24  0h08m40s  -37°51′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
 110414A  7:42:14  6h31m30s  +24°22′3′Swift daytime  apparatus off  
 110412A  7:33:21  8h53m58s  +13°31′3.′00Swift/FERMI daytime  apparatus off  
 110411A19:34:1119h25m45s  +67°44′3′Swift outside FOV> 89 s, no detection daytime  
 110407A14:06:4112h23m59s  +15°43′3′Swift daytime  daytime  
 110328A12:57:4516h44m56s  +57°35′3.′00Swift daytime  daytime  
Before Mar 25th we observed from INTA only
 110319A  2:16:4123h45m36s  -66°01′3.′00Swift apparatus off     
 110318B15:27:0914h06m47s  -51°34′3′Swift daytime     
 110318A13:14:1922h33m06s  -15°17′3′Swift/FERMI daytime     
 110315A23:57:0418h36m46s  +17°32′3.′00Swift apparatus off     
 110312A17:55:3710h29m55s  -05°15′3′Swift daytime     
 110305A  6:38:0117h23m31s  -15°47′3.′00Swift daytime     
 110223B21:25:4810h01m06s  -68°20′3′Swift South hemisphere     
 110223A20:56:5923h02m24s  +87°34′3′Swift outside FOV> 165 s
< 12 mag
 110213A  5:17:29  2h52m01s  +49°17′3′Swift/FERMI outside FOV > 58 s
no detection
 110212A  1:09:08  4h36m13s  +43°42′3′Swift below horizon     
 110210A  9:52:41  0h52m19s  +07°47′3′Swift daytime     
 110208A21:10:46  1h29m50s  -20°36′2.″4 Swift outside FOVno detection    
 110207A11:17:19  0h50m10s  -10°48′3′Swift/FERMI daytime     
 110206A18:08:18  6h09m29s  -58°47′3′INTEGRAL daytime     
 110205A  2:02:4110h58m21s  +67°31′3′Swift outside FOV< 21 s
< 11 mag
 110201A  9:35:08  9h08m16s  +88°36′3.′00Swift daytime     
 110128A  1:44:3312h55m30s  +28°5′3.′00Swift apparatus off     
 110119A22:20:5823h14m14s  +05°59′3′Swift below horizon     
 110112B  2:24:54  0h42m24s  +64°24′3′INTEGRAL/
22:24:40.3 - 22:24:50.3
< 11.0 mag.
inside FOV
22:24:52.9 - 22:25:02.9
< 11.0 mag.
22:25:05.5 - 22:25:15.5
< 11.0 mag.
 110112A  4:12:1821h59m46s  +26°29′3.′00Swift below horizon     
 110106B21:26:17  8h56m47s  +46°60′3′Swift apparatus off     
 110106A15:25:16  5h17m08s  +64°11′3′Swift daytime     
 110102A18:52:2516h23m31s  +07°37′3′Swift below horizon