GRBs observed by SWIFT or/and other satellites in 2009

The “Pi of the Sky” apparatuses continuously monitor the SWIFT satellite Field of View.

In LCO 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field were taken by two cameras.

Twice a night the whole sky was scanned.

Targets of GCN alerts are also followed automatically.

In a table below there are alerts, which were caused by GRB with probability greater than 50%.


370 (all from LCO) GRBs observed by satellites since June 1st 2006, 91 in 2009 therein
time perioddaytimeapparatus offNorth hemispherebelow horizoncloudsoutside FOVinside FOV
in 200945910131130
since Jun 1st 200618324285612652


Gamma / X-ray satellite observationsOptical "Pi of the Sky" observations
GRBUTRA   DecErrorAlertBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRBGCN
 09123117:44:1715h40m19s  -08°44′3′Swift daytime  
 091230B  6:27:42  8h51m51s  -53°53′3′Swift apparatus off  
 091221B20:52:52  3h43m01s  +23°13′3′Swift daytime  
 091215B15:39:0616h08m10s  +51°24′3′Swift daytime  
 091208B  9:49:57  1h57m39s  +16°53′3′Swift daytime  
 091208A  8:46:00  0h01m06s  +65°40′3′Swift daytime  
 091202B  3:10:17  9h15m09s  +62°32′2.′95INTEGRAL North hemisphere  
 091130C17:59:0413h32m24s  +34°5′3′Swift daytime  
 09112723:25:45  2h26m17s  -18°57′3′Swift daytime  
 091112A17:41:2117h10m55s  -36°43′3′Swift daytime  
 091109C21:49:03  7h30m56s  -54°05′3,″6Swift daytime  
 091109A  4:57:4320h37m04s  -44°11′3′Swift outside FOV> 434 s 
 091029  3:53:22  4h00m44s  -55°60′3′Swift apparatus off  
 091026B13:11:3018h26m20s  -86°07′3′Swift daytime  
 091024A  8:56:0122h36m50s  +56°52′3′Swift daytime  
 091020A21:36:4411h42m52s  +50°58′3′Swift daytime  
 091018A20:48:19  2h08m51s  -57°32′3′Swift daytime  
 091010  2:43:0919h54m41s  -22°32′3′AGILE outside FOV> 96 s, clouds 
 09093018:31:5717h51m08s  -30°58′3.8″Swift daytime  
 090929B10:09:07  7h50m52s  -0°39′3′Swift daytime  
 09092710:07:1622h55m49s  -70°59′3′Swift daytime  
 090926B21:55:48  3h05m16s  -39°1′3′Swift daytime  
 090916  7:00:44  8h26m19s  +25°56′3′Swift below horizon  
 0908170:51:27  4h15m58s  +44°8′3.′05INTEGRAL apparatus off  
 090814B1:21:33  4h19m00s  +60°35′2.′88INTEGRAL North hemisphere  
 090814A0:52:1915h58m27s  +25°36′3′Swift outside FOV> 170 s,
1 frame
< 12.2 mag
20 frames
< 12.9 mag
 0908134:10:4315h08m04s  +88°34′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090912B15:50:2912h32m22s  +61°31′3′Swift daytime  
 090812A  6:02:0823h32m47s  -10°36′3′Swift apparatus off  
 09080917:31:1421h54m35s  -00°5′3′Swift daytime  
 09080715:00:2718h14m58s  +10°16′3′Swift daytime  
 09072814:45:45  1h58m38s  +41°39′3′Swift daytime  
 09072722:42:1821h03m53s  +64°55′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 09072622:42:2716h35m16s  +72°52′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090715B21:03:1416h45m23s  +44°50′3′Swift daytime  
 09071517:25:3910h08m29s  +09°60′3′Swift daytime  
 090712  3:51:05  4h40m25s  +22°33′3′Swift below horizon  
 090709B15:07:42  6h14m22s  +64°05′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090709  7:38:3419h19m44s  +60°44′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090708  3:38:1510h18m31s  +26°38′3′Swift below horizon  
 090704  5:47:4313h52m49s  +22°47′1.′7INTEGRAL below horizon  
 09070210:40:5011h43m33s  +11°30′3′INTEGRAL below horizon  
 09062821:20:12  0h00m00s  -21°48′3′Swift daytime  
 090626  4:32:0811h20m04s  -36°36′3′Swift outside FOV> 153 s 
 09062513:26:2201h17m36s  -64°35′3′Swift daytime  
 090621B22:07:2520h53m44s  +69°1′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090621  4:22:43  0h43m57s  +61°58′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090618  8:28:2919h36m05s  +78°21′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 090607  5:30:1712h44m50s  +44°8′3′Swift below horizon  
 090531B18:35:5616h39m48s  -43°47′3′Swift daytime  
 090531  1:45:1711h54m45s  +07°48′3′Swift apparatus off  
 090530  3:18:1811h57m35s  +26°35′3′Swift apparatus off  
 09052914:12:3514h09m54s  +24°26′3′Swift daytime  
 09051921:08:4509h28m56s  +03°7′3′Swift daytime  
 090518  1:54:4407h49m41s  +09°38′3′Swift outside FOV  
 090516  8:27:5809h17m24s  -10°40′3′Swift below horizon  
 090515  4:45:0910h56m41s  +14°27′3′Swift outside FOV> 67 s 
 090510  0:23:0122h13m36s  -26°46′3′Swift below horizon  
 090509  5:10:0515h13m53s  -28°19′3′Swift clouds  
 090429B  5:30:0314h02m49s  +32°10′3′Swift apparatus off  
 090429  4:53:406h02m13s  -52°23′3′Swift apparatus off  
 09042723:26:2715h43m43s  -13°30′?IPN below horizon  
 09042612:48:4712h36m22s  +32°58′3′Swift daytime  
 09042414:12:0912h38m09s  +16°50′3′Swift daytime  
 090423  7:55:1909h55m35s  +18°10′3′Swift below horizon  
 090422  3:35:1619h39m01s  +40°23′3′Swift below horizon  
 09041016:57:5222h19m55s  +15°28′3′Swift daytime  
 09040710:28:254h35m50s  -12°40′3′Swift daytime  
 09040415:56:3015h56m52s  +35°30′3′Swift daytime  
 090401B  8:35:2406h20m24s  -08°58′3′Swift daytime  
 090401  0:59.3723h23m38s  +29°46′3′Swift apparatus off  
 090328  9:36:466h02m40s  -41°53′0,″6Fermi daytime  
 090324  2:48:1017h08m43s  -48°9′3′AGILE outside FOV  
 090323  0:02:4312h42m56s  +20°49′5.°2Fermi outside FOV> 156 s,
1 frame:
<12.4 mag
 090313  9:06:2713h13m35s  +08°06′3′Swift outside FOV  
 09030923:29:1318h59m55s  -25°16′3′Swift daytime  
 09030818:01:2312h14m06s  -48°50′3′Swift daytime  
 090307  3:46:3716h19m55s  -28°39′3′Swift outside FOV  
 09030623:08:1715h24m48s  -06°58′3′Swift daytime  
 090305  5:19:5116h07m02s  -31°34′3′Swift outside FOV  
 090301  6:55:5522h32m34s  +26°39′3′Swift below horizon  
 09020523:03:1414h43m42s  -27°52′3′Swift daytime  
 09020117:47:0206h08m07s  -46°35′3′Swift daytime  
 09012921:07:1517h38m28s  -37°23′3′Swift daytime  
 090123  7:51:5600h27m06s  -23°31′3′Swift outside FOV  
 09011813:54:02  3h19m28s  +18°29′3.′69Swift daytime  
 09011715:22:0111h35m32s  -62°44′3′Swift daytime  
 09011318:40:4002h04m40s  +35°7′3′Swift daytime  
 090107B16:20:4018h59m15s  +59°36′3′Swift daytime  
 090107   4:48:0420h09m42s  +4°44′3′Swift below horizon  
 090102  2:55:30  8h32m58s  +33°7′3′Swift outside FOV>600 s;
1 frame:
10.5 mag
20 frames:
11.5 mag