GRBs observed by SWIFT or/and other satellites in 2007

The “Pi of the Sky” apparatuses continuously monitor the SWIFT satellite Field of View.

In LCO 10 s exposures of a 21°x 21° field were taken by two cameras.

Twice a night the whole sky was scanned.

Targets of GCN alerts are also followed automatically.

In a table below there are alerts, which were caused by GRB with probability greater than 50%.


159 (all from LCO) GRBs observed by satellites since June 1st 2006, 97 in 2007 therein
time perioddaytimeapparatus offNorth hemispherebelow horizoncloudsoutside FOVinside FOV
in 20074496148151
since Jun 1st 200678138309201


Gamma / X-ray satellite observations
Optical "Pi of the Sky" observations
GRBUTRA   DecErrorAlertBefore GRBDuring GRBAfter GRBGCN
 07122720:13:4703h52m29s  -55°57′3′Swift daytime  
 071129  0:03:5514h40m22s  -26°40′3′Swift daytime  
 071122  1:23:2618h26m20s  +47°4′3′Swift below horizon  
 071118  8:57:1719h59m16s  +70°6′3′Swift apparatus off  
 07111714:50:0622h20m05s  -63°26′3′Swift daytime  
 071112C18:32:5702h36m53s  +28°23′3′Swift apparatus off  
 071112B18:23:3117h21m13s  -80°53′3′Swift apparatus off  
 07110920:36:0519h19m39s  +02°2′3′Swift daytime  
 07110411:41:2319h42m24s  +14°39′8'SuperAGILE daytime  
 07110117:53:4603h12m46s  +62°28′3′Swift daytime  
 071031  1:06:3700h25m50s  -58°3′3′Swift apparatus off>7 min:
 071028B  2:43:4623h36m39s  -31°38′3′Swift outside FOV  
 07102817:41:0107h59m23s  +21°30′3′Swift daytime  
 071025  4:08:5323h40m20s  +31°45′3′Swift below horizon  
 071021  9:41:3322h42m35s  +23°43′0.500'Swift apparatus off  
 071020  7:02:2607h58m40s  +32°52′0.250'Swift outside FOV  
 071018  8:37:4110h58m28s  +53°51′2.70'Swift North hemisphere  
 071017  0:58:0018h18m53s  -16°00′2'Integral outside FOV>348s:
>11.5 m
 07101312:09:1918h38m06s  +33°51′3′Swift daytime  
 07101112:40:1300h33m36s  +61°04′3′Swift daytime  
 071010C22:20:2222h32m13s  +66°10′3′Swift daytime  
 071010B20:45:4710h02m07s  +45°44′3′Swift daytime  
 071010  3:41:1219h12m24s  -32°23′3′Swift outside FOV  
 07100821:55:5610h06m11s  +44°20′3′Swift daytime  
 071006  6:41:4022h21m07s  -23°09′2'Swift below horizon  
 071003  7:40:5520h07m25s  +10°58′3′Swift below horizon  
 07100116:31:4809h59m04s  -59°45′3′Swift daytime  
 07092515:52:4316h52m45s  -22°01′3.12'Integral daytime  
 07092319:15:2312h18m30s  -38°16′3′Swift daytime  
 070920B21:04:3200h00m35s  -34°49′3′Swift daytime  
 070920  4:00:1306h43m44s  +72°14′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 070917  7:33:5619h35m42s  +02°25′3′Swift below horizon  
 070913  0:36:4415h15m20s  -24°21′3′Swift outside FOV1 frame:
20 frames:
 070811  5:57:4401h43m12s  -33°28′3′Swift outside FOV  
 07082420:50:09error triangle:
11h28m13  -26°52'

11h24m45  -27°43′

11h29m07  -27°14'
 AGILE & IPN daytime 
 07082112:49:40error box:
06h21m41  -63°56'

06h23m14  -63°51'

06h20m58  -63°51'

06h22m31  -63°46'
 IPN daytime 
 070810B15:19:1700h35m46s  +08°50′3′Swift daytime  
 07081019:54:0512h39m45s  +10°45′3′Swift daytime  
 07080919:22:1713h35m08s  -22°08′3′Swift daytime  
 07080818:28:0000h27m04s  +01°10′3′Swift daytime  
 07080519:55:4516h20m10s  -59°57′3′Swift daytime  
 070802  7:07:2502h27m24s  -55°32′3′Swift outside FOV20 frames:
<14 min:
 070731  9:33:2421h54m17s  -15°45′3′Swift clouds  
 070729  0:25:5303h45m17s  -39°19′3′Swift daytime  
 070724B10:53:5001h10m31s  +57°40′20'Agile daytime  
 07072410:53:5001h51m16s  -18°37′3′Swift daytime  
 070721B10:33:4802h12m31s  -2°12′3′Swift outside FOV  
 07072110:01:0800h12m34s  -28°32′3′Swift outside FOV  
 070714B  4:59:2903h51m25  +28°18′3′Swift below horizon  
 070714A  3:20:3102h51m44  +30°14′3′Swift below horizon  
 07070716:09:1717h51m23  -68°55′3′Swift daytime  
 07070420:07:1623h38m54  66°15′3′Swift daytime  
 07062814:41:3107h41m08  -20°17′3′Swift daytime  
 07062123:17:5721h35m13  -24°48′3′Swift below horizon  
 07061616:30:4802h08m37  56°57′3′Swift daytime  
 070615  2:21:2302h57m12  -04°24′2.97'Integral below horizon  
 070612B  6:21:3517h26m51  -08°43′3′Swift clouds  
 070612  2:40:0008h05m32  37°16′3′Swift clouds  
 070611  1:57:5100h07m57  -29°45′3′Swift clouds  
 070531  2:11:0200h26m43  74°18′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 07052912:49:2618h55m00  20°38′3′Swift daytime  
 070521  6:51:2616h10m41  30°14′3′Swift1 frame:
20 frames:
1 frame:
20 frames:
1 frame:
>12 s:
20 frames:
> 42 s:
 07051711:21:4318h30m19  -62°20′3′Swift daytime  
 070509  2:56:1515h51m42  -78°41′3′Swift apparatus off  
 070508  4:31:5920h51m08  -78°22′3′Swift outside FOV  
 070506  5:37:1423h08m52  10°44′3′Swift clouds  
 070429  3:09:2321h52m06  -38°51′3′Swift apparatus off  
 070429  1:36:4019h50m45  -32°23′3′Swift apparatus off  
 070427  8:31:2401h55m27  -27°38′3′Swift apparatus off  
 070420  6:18:4008h05m01  -45°34′3′Swift clouds  
 070419B10:44:2621h02m52  -31°16′3′Swift daytime  
 07041910:00:4112h10m51  +39°55′3′Swift below horizon  
 070412  1:27:0312h06m11  +40°08′3′Swift outside FOV1 frame:
 07041120:12:337h9m19  +1°04′3′Swift daytime  
 070406  0:50:4013h15m49  +16°32′3′Swift outside FOV20 frames:
>6 h: >12m
 07040215:48:3520h44m44  +27°24′80'*15'IPN daytime  
 07033022:51:4517h58m05  -63°46′3′Swift daytime  
 070328  3:54:0704h20m28  -34°04′3′Swift clouds  
 070318  7:29:0803h14m10  -42°58′3′Swift below horizon  
 070311  1:53:0905h50m17  03°22′3.23′Integral below horizon  
 07030910:01:2117h34m45  -37°58′3.23′Integral daytime  
 07030616:42:3109h52m20  +10°28′3′Swift daytime  
 070227  6:07:4208h02m16  -46°18′3′Swift outside FOV  
 07022420:29:1211h55m58  -13°20′3′Swift daytime  
 070223  1:22:4810h13m49  43°07′3′Swift below horizon  
 07022004:44:4702h19m17  68°49′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 070219  1:10:4617h28m40  69°22′3′Swift North hemisphere  
 070209  3:33:5403h04m57  -47°22′3′Swift4 frames:
<-50 min,
24 s:
outside FOV1 frame:
>8 min 22s:
20 frames:
>8 min 22 s:
 070208  9:11:0913h11m41  61°58′3′Swift daytime  
 07020121:00:44error box:

01h06m19  -34°43′

00h59m26  -28°45′

01h13m55  -43°08′

01h14m37  -43°03′
 IPN daytime 
 070201  9:11:0900h44m21  42°18′~0.2oIPN below horizon  
 07012923:36:2502h28m03  11°42′3′Swift daytime  
 070126  2:34:4202h13m50  -73°31′3′Swift outside FOV1 frame:
> 180 s:
 070125  7:20:45  07h51m24  31°8′2.′5IPN outside FOV  
 070124  8:41:5114h45m32  54°34′ IPN North hemisphere  
 070110  7:23:2500h03m38  -52°58′3′Swift clouds  
 07010712:07:0610h37m38  53°12′3′Swift daytime  
 07010320:46:5423h30m14  26°53′3′Swift daytime