Luiza framework

The Luiza software framework has been developed for efficient analysis of large samples of astronomical images. The concept is based on the Marlin (Modular Analysis and Reconstruction for the LINear collider) package, which was developed for the data analysis in the new High Energy Physics (HEP) project, International Linear Collider (ILC).

The approach adopted from Marlin is that every computing task can be implemented as a processor (module) that analyzes the data stored in an internal data structure. Any resulting data can also be added to that collection. The advantage of this modular approach is that it keeps things as simple as possible. Each step of the full analysis chain, e.g. from raw images to light curves, is processed one by one, and the output of each step is still self consistent and can be fed in to the next step without any manipulation.

The full documentation of the Luiza software (including detailed instruction on how to install and run it) is available here.

More detailed description of the framework is available in the proceedings of IBWS’2012 and Wilga Symposium.