Pi of the Sky data bases of measurements


We present a database containing Pi of the Sky star measurements from years: 2004-2005, 2006-2007 and 2006-2009. A web interface to the database is available, which allows selecting stars according to their type, magnitudo, coordinates etc, displaying their lightcurves and other properties. It is now possible to download large packets of lightcurves of multiple stars (see web interface manual, where more information is available).

Web interfaces


Tools for data analysis:

  • Cepheus – software for analysis of variable stars (by A. Barnacka, for Windows), manual,
  • Cepheids – software for analysis of Fourier parameters for one mode Cepheids (by B. Kamiński, for Linux), manual,
  • CepheidsII – software for analysis of double mode Cepheids (by P. Swaczyna, for Linux), manual.

The Cepheids and CepheidsII programmes working properly on Pi of the Sky’s computers. On other computers some options connected with database interface may not be working. The standalone version has the database interface disabled. It requires data (lightcurves) in form of a text file.

Discussion of more advanced Pi of the Sky data reduction methods.

Luiza – Pi of the Sky framework for analysis of astronomical images.

We are open for sharing larger parts of the database. In case of such a request, or questions, or requests of different type, please send an e-mail to Arkadiusz Cwiek (Arkadiusz.Cwiek/at\fuw.edu.pl), Malgorzata Siudek (malgorzata.siudek/at\fuw.edu.pl) or Rafal Opiela (opiela/at\cft.edu.pl).